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Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church

Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church is established in 1927. The Pioneering missionaries of SIM came to Ethiopia and went for the first time to three different destinations and started spreading the Gospel. Hadiya, Wolayta and Sidama were the first sites where the missionaries planted the first missionary stations. Since then the good news spread among the surrounding southern Ethiopian People within a few years. By the time the Italian Fascist invasion of Ethiopia in 1935, there were 14 mission stations in different parts of the country, mostly in the southern part. 

When the Western SIM Missionaries are forced to leave the country the newly converted believers were left behind to defend their faith and the new born baby church EKHC. They faced sever persecution and survived within the five years of Fascist Italian Occupation.   

The few numbered Christians by the time of the invasion, became many under the sever persecution. Again in order to stand stronger, all the believers in different areas began fellowshipping together. When the invaders left the country after fife years these fellowships became strong unions of Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church.

Persecution of the church continued further during the Orthodox Christian Imperial Monarch’s time. But the church struggled and gets its legal permission in 1962.

Since then the church continued its holistic ministry and expanded a lot within the country and became the number one large Evangelical Church. Today Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church is planted within the whole Regional States and city administrations of the Country, comprising more than eight million members.



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