Centers and Schools

EKHC Training centers for Church planters ministry

Training Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church training centers for Church planters ministry is provide the important training for local evangelists, pastors, church leaders and outreach team church to be planted and multiply the churches in all areas of the country.

As a result, today we see Church planting and discipleship activities taking place in EKHC denomination in many parts of unreached areas of the people group of the country.

The vision of Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church training centers for Church planter’s ministry is to be used of God in the country Church planting and soul winning activities through prayer, evangelize, make disciples, develop leaders and multiply.

In this ministry we have about 125 centers and 1,345 students of church planting and we provide training materials in two languages


EKHC Gospel for other Religions Ministry /GORM/

Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church has long and fruitful experience of reaching out all Communities in Ethiopia and beyond. Gospel for other Religions Ministry is a branch in Mission Department of EKHC.

This GORM plays a vital role in Ethiopia to reach out Communities through good news by apologetics teaching and training ministers.

The main ministries of GORM are:

  1. Teaching ministers by long and short term relevant courses to the focus to build their talent capacities.
  2. Training Leaders and ministers of unreached areas to preach good news in their surroundings.
  3. Building capacity by discipling of new believers/MBBs/ at unreached areas.
  4. Mobilizing Developed Churches to help Churches and ministers at unreached areas.
  5. Planting Churches and organizing leaders at unreached areas
  6. Helping and encouraging Churches and ministers at unreached areas to reach out others.
  7. Baptizing of new believers after they learn the Christian Doctrine.

This ministry aimed and works to bring all people in the world may see God’s glory through believing the savor of Jesus Christ, as He is the son of God and Lord.


EKHC Film Evangelism Ministry

In the past 13 years, EKHC film evangelism strived to reach out different people groups so that about 1.9 million people were served, and out of these 9,342 People came to Christ and received Jesus Christ as their personal savior, 4,786 people renewed their faith, about 106 churches were planted at different places, and 970 people delivered from demon possession. The following some photo samples.


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