Children's Ministry

Led by  Pr. Markos Abebe


At the 39th Annual Meeting of the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC) Leaders in 2000, the leaders reached the consensus that it is absolutely imperative for the church to take quick action to strengthen and organize the children’s ministry all over the country. In response to this, the Children Ministry was launched in October 2000 under the Special Group Ministries Department.    

The EKHC Children ministry is devoted to serve children under 15 the age of 15 years and for a decade this ministry has become a great movement in the denomination and great achievements were accounted. According to the report from this ministry section, .-----children ministry coordinators trained, ---- series of curriculum materials were developed, ------children received help, ----- training centers established, --- children events were conducted.


Lead Verse

Proverb 22:6 " Direct your children unto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it."



The purpose of Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church’s Children’s Ministry is to glorify God by winning children for Christ and to help them grow in obedience to God in the light of the Scripture and bringing them up in His ways so that they will be fulfilled spiritually, physically, mentally, socially and psychologically.  This purpose is what has been given to us from God in His Word (Deut. 6:4, 4:6, Matt. 28:18–19 and Prov. 22:6).



The objectives of the Ministry are to:

  • instruct children in the way of the Lord, reach them with the Gospel message, and teach them the Word of God.
  • offer various ministries to children, and especially taking care of those who are at risk and in need.
  • be an advocate for children
  • engage children in various ministries that they can serve themselves and others


Ministry Activities

  • Organizing the church’s children’s ministries
  • Training ministers and superintendents for children’s ministry
  • Developing curriculum, teaching aids and supporting materials     for child evangelism and education.
  • Implementing various children ministry programmes to children of different age groups.
  • Providing service to children in need
  • Advocacy for children’s right and protection.


Ministry Strategies

  • Awareness Creation
  • Training Ministers
  • Involving local churches and parents in ministries
  • Mobilizing local and international resources.
  • Developing and producing relevant instructional and literary materials.
  • Advocating for children at risk.
  • Empowering Children and children ministers.
  • Mobilizing the youth to participate in children ministries undertakings
  • Introducing easy-to-adopt technologies for income generation
  • Campaigning against the spread of HIV/AIDS, drug addiction and sexual immorality that harm children


Future Plan

  • Production of children’s ministry manuals and teaching materials for children of all ages.
  • Resources development/ building a library for the children’s ministry, and to equip each local church with a resource center.
  • Working towards setting up a Curriculum Materials Developing and Training  Center for the children’s ministry.
  • Ministering to and protecting children at risk (HIV/AIDS orphans, other orphans, street children, handicapped children, etc).
  • Strengthening the capacity of families/parents to care for and minister to children.
  • Facilitating resources for children ministries.
  • Conducting literacy programs in addition to the Sunday school classes for  children in rural areas where schools are not accessible.
  •  Regular training and refresher courses for children’s ministers and Sunday school teachers to keep them updated and active in their ministries.
  • Designing/developing and implementing income- generating activities to raise funds to sustain the ministry.



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