Mission Department

Keleme Kana
Keleme Kana Missions Dept Head

The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Missions department has two wings: global missions and local missions. Global missions is an office where we mobilize and train churches for global missions and commissioning missionaries when they are ready to go. So far 17 couple missionaries are working in 11 different countries.

Local missions is an office where we coordinate six different sections: evangelism, church planting, Media evangelism, Training center for church planters (TCCP, different from church planting section), Gospel to other religions and Hub schools (mobile mission schools). Through evangelism so far 1,094 missionaries are sent to different part of the country and working among unreached people groups.

What makes our evangelism both globally and locally is that all are supported by local churches. Ethiopians are poor people but their commitment, passion for the gospel and sacrificial gift made this to happen. We thank God for what He is doing through our churches.

“Declaring the Gospel among the nations”

Our Background 

Despite its long history of Christianity Ethiopia did not stretch beyond its borders.  That all changed in 1998 when EKHC sent its first 10 short term missionaries to India in conjunction with SIM International. Motivated by the exciting reports from these short-termers, two more EKHC missionaries were sent to South India in 1999.  They served there for two years.  Next a team of eight went to another Islamic nation in Asia. Their success proved beyond doubt that Ethiopian missionaries can be effective in as international missionaries in cross cultural missions.

From those early beginnings the EKHC global mission efforts have grown.  Today there are 15 families serving in 11 countries: Kenya, South Sudan, Zambia, Malawi, Sudan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Cambodia and China.

Repeated indications of God’s unusual blessings are coming from our field missionaries.  These reports are a good indicator that this is God’s time for our church to be fully engaged in global missions. Their success has resulted in a virtual avalanche of requests for Ethiopian missionaries.  As Apostle Paul said, it is time for the Ethiopian churches “by all means, save some!” (1Cor.  9:22).

Our Strategy

EKHC raises missionary supports from local churches. Members make monthly pledges over and above their regular tithes and offerings. They do this through “Wongel Mahebertegna” (Gospel Association).

EKHC is committed to working alongside those with whom we enjoy close relationships both doctrinally and philosophically.  As a denomination, EKHC sees two distinct types of relationships with regard to the Global Missions and missionaries sending/supporting churches and partners in missions.

  1. Where EKHC is the Sending/supporting Church.All EKHC global missionaries are sent/supported by funds collected from local churches. In this first relationship, EKHC (as a denomination) is the missionary’s “home church.” EKHC will work closely with sending/supporting local churches in assisting, encouraging and advising the missionary. EKHC will take an active role in training and discipline the Global Missionaries before they go to the field and offering counsel, prayer, and accountability when they are on the field.
  2. Partners in Mission– in this second relationship, EKHC works together with different mission partners and organizations (both locally and internationally) to assist sending/supporting churches – in particular to raise and provide support for emergency situations. 

EKHC Missions Departments have different Section under it. Namely,

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