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The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church was established in 1920 by SIM Missionaries who came from North America. The Church, from its very beginning, had evangelized, engaged in Literacy campaign, provided health facilities and holistic ministry in the South and Western areas with standing acute sufferings. Later, these activities were terminated by the invasion of the Italians.

When the America Missionaries were expelled, the first believers carried on all the ministries started earlier paying the price and the Church could widen its horizon increasing the number of members and Local Churches as well.

The Church had made significant expansion in the years 1940-1966 working hand in of evangelism, education, health facilities and many other sectors.

Ministry Focus Areas

Planting Churches 

  • Through evangelism both at national and global level.

Producing disciples

  •  That worship Christ through preached God’s word, teaching and transform their life.

Effective ministers

  • Using formal and informal educational programs.

Organizing ministries

  • That need special concern and providing support to Church services.

Providing support

  • Which enables to run Church ministries to full scale.

Building Centers

  • And organizing them to serve Church ministries.


Church Members

1,500 +

Global & Local Missionaries

9,850 +

Local Churches

154 +

Bible Schools


  Our Ministries

  • National & Global Mission Ministry

  • Church Teaching & Discipleship

  • Theological Ministry

  • Youth Ministry

  • Women’s Ministry

  • Children Ministry

  • EKHC Service Centers 

What We Do Through Our Ministries 

  • Coordinating Gospel Ministry and Missionaries
  • Coordinating Global Ministry and Missionaries
  • Evangelizing different areas and denominations.
  • Disseminating Gospel using mass media.
  • Coordinating Bible translation and helping people to receive Jesus by reading the Gospel.
  • Motivating believers to lend their hands through ministering, financial and other means.
  • Training evangelists and Church planters.
  • Planting Local Churches with their respective building side by side
  • Preparing disciples for Christ by teaching fundamentals of Christianity.
  • Providing healthy Christian education in Sunday Schools.
  • Training Church leaders and pastors.
  • Providing training on healthy marriage and family life.
  • Edifying members through Biblical worship and motivating participation.
  • Training Ministers in the 9 Kale Heywet’s theological colleges at Diploma and Degree level.
  • Training Ministers in the 145 Bible Schools at certificate and diploma level.
  • Training Ministers in informal theological centers.
  • Training leaders at higher structure in partnership with Antiok (Antsokia) post graduate institution.  
  • Teaching Youth Ministry leaders.
  • Providing timely training to the Youth in various dimensions.
  • Providing Sport Ministry to the Youth’s healthy life.
  • Serving the Youth to enable them academically in Holistic way.
  • Tanning women leaders.
  • Training Women in the Church’s various centers to make them skillful.
  • Training Women in the way they can influence family and community.
  • Ministry of coordinating both children’s Sunday school and academic schools.
  • Ministry of publishing books for children.
  • Children’s charity ministry.
  • Training ministers for children ministry.

Our Leaders

Eyasu Elias (PhD)

President of EKHC



Tassew Gebre

Deputy President of EKHC

Semeon Mulatu (PhD)

General Secretary of EKHC

Ermias Mamo (PhD)

Deputy General Secretary of  EKHC

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